Make-Up Schedule

Snow Cancelation March 14th Make up class schedule

Miss Ashley’s Classes
Pre Ballet can make up in Corinne’s Saturday class from 9:15-10:00
Beg ballet 1 can make up in Amanda’s Beg Ballet 2 on Thur at 345
Beg ballet 3 can stay for Int 1 from 545-645 next Tues with Ashley
Int ballet 1 can make up in Int ballet 2 tech class
Modern 3 can make up in modern 4 wed 645-8
Teen modern Ashley will add 15 mins on for the next month so they will do class 8-915 starting next week

Miss Amanda’s Classes
-Amanda’s Tuesday ID 2 Ballet can make up in Ashley’s ID 3 technique class
-Teen Ballet can make up in Amanda’s ID 2 ballet Class at 3:45 on Tuesday so we can use their whole class for choreography at 4:45.
-Adv. HIp Hop 2 can make up in Adv. hip hop 1 on Monday at 8:00.
-Amanda’s adv. teen/4b modern can make up Thursday 3/23 at 7:45
-Amanda’s int. 2 jazz can make up in teen jazz on Monday at 7:00.

Maria’s Classes
-ID: Ballet Level 5b/6 can make up Thursday 7:45-9:15 or Monday 6:15-7:45
-Pointe 2B/3 can make up Monday 7:45-8:45
– Pointe ¾ can make up Thursday 6:15-7:45
-Pointe 2A can make up Monday 3:45-4:45 or Thursday 5:15-6:15