Performance Preparation

In order for the recital to be most enjoyable for dancers, parents, and audience members, it is extremely important for everyone to follow these guidelines.

Patience is very important. We work very hard to provide a positive atmosphere and it is extremely important that all parents and students contribute to help make performance day a success.

Theatre Etiquette

Food & Drink

There can be no food or drink of any kind in the theatre or backstage in the dressing areas. No food or drink (other than water) should be consumed while a child is in costume.

Videotaping and Flash Photography

There is absolutely NO VIDEOTAPING and NO “FLASH” PHOTOGRAPHY allowed during the rehearsals or recital performances. This policy is for the safety of our students. Flash from cameras or video equipment can blind a child and cause them to fall off the stage. If you would like to take pictures of your child on-stage you may do so at the end of each performance.

A professionally done video of the performances will be available for purchase. Order forms are available at the studio, on our website at, or at the ticket booth the day of the recital. Order forms and checks my be dropped off or mailed directly to the studio.

Box Office and Theatre

The box office and theatre will open one hour prior to the start of each performance. This gives audience members enough time to purchase tickets and be seated prior to the start of each show.

We ask that during the recital, please remain in your reserved seat as much as possible. If you must leave and return to your seat for any reason, please do so between recital numbers. It is common courtesy to the dancers performing and audience who are trying to enjoy the show. A fifteen minute intermission between acts is provided to give the audience rest time.

Backstage Safety

It is our goal to provide a safe environment for all students during showtime. In order to facilitate this, a Backstage Pass will be furnished to allow only one parent/guardian access, as necessary, to the backstage area to assist their child with hair, make—up and costume changes throughout the duration of the show. This Pass must be shown to the attendant at the backstage entry point each time you enter the backstage area. This Pass will admit only one parent/guardian —— no siblings, relatives, friends, etc. will be allowed in the backstage area one hour prior, during and shortly after the show.

Please make sure that a last minute bathroom break is taken prior to dropping them off backstage, and pack them a back of items to keep them entertained. Once backstage, classes with children 10 years old and younger will have designated seating areas and there will be volunteers and teen students assigned to supervise each class. Children will not be allowed to leave their seating areas once they have been dropped off unless accompanied by the holder of their Backstage Pass.

Children enrolled in multiple classes should be dressed and moved to sit with the class they are to perform with next immediately following each dance. The parent/guardian must come backstage to make the transition; it will not be the responsiblity of the volunteers to ensure that a child gets to their newly designated seating area. At the end of the performance, only one parent/guardian should pick up their child. Pre—Ballet students may be picked up by one parent/guardian during intermission. Any rental costumes must be turned in at that time to the volunteer collecting costumes. Arrangements should be made to meet other family, friends, etc. outside the theatre as backstage and lobby areas will be congested.

Concession Stand

At each performance presented by Bedford Dance, we offer a concession stand where baked goods, etc. are sold to raise money toward the Suzanne Taylor Scholarship and Nancy Jones Memorial Scholarship awarded each year to two student’s who have excelled during the year. We always need volunteers to supply baked goods, in order to have these concessions.


We are greatly appreciative of all the volunteers we have sign—up to help make all of BDC’s shows a success. If you are willing and able to volunteer to help out with our performances, please check with the office to see what area you might be needed. We are always looking for volunteers to:

  • Collect rental costumes
  • Backstage Pass monitoring
  • Dressing room monitoring and cleanup
  • Ushers
  • Concession Bakers
  • Backstage dancer line—up
  • Ticket and will call hosts

Performance Preparation for the Dancers

Dancer Preparation

Please make sure your students are “rested” and “fed.” It will be a long day and we don’t want to make it stressful with unnecessary hunger or fatigue. Also, if your student has a long wait backstage please bring something “quiet” to help them pass the time while waiting for their dance (e.g. coloring books, crayons (no markers), Books, Gameboys, MP3 Players, etc.

Dancers should arrive no later than one hour prior to each performance with make-up on and hair done, unless otherwise specified by the Director. Costumes are not to be worn to the theatre — dressing areas are provided for costume changing purposes. Please ensure costumes and accessories are kept together, and are protected with plastic or a hanging garment bag on the way to the auditorium to keep them from becoming soiled and dirty prior to the shows.

Dance shoes need to be neat and clean. Bows from the drawstrings on the front of ballet slippers should be tucked into the shoe as they are hazard and could cause the dancer to trip while on stage. Please make sure your tights are hole and run free. Hair should be pulled back in a neat bun with bobby pins and hairnet with no scrunchies, rhinestones or extra hair decorations (unless otherwise specified by the Director). Hairspray or gel should be used to secure hair smoothly back and into place.

Absolutely no nail polish should be worn for the rehearsal or performance. Also, please leave all jewelry at home. No jewelry should be worn with the costume the day of the rehearsal or the day of the performance. Bedford Dance Center will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Stage Make-Up

A dancer’s make-up should be more intense than normal day-time make-up to enhance the costume and keep the dancer from looking washed out and pale on stage. Stage make-up consists of:

  • Foundation
  • Eye-Shadow (Neutral tones sich as taupe, gray, brown)
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Blush (Neutral tones such as coral, rose, peach)
  • Lipstick (Neutral tones such as coral, rose, peach; for dramatic pieces, darker shades of red, crimson)
  • False Eyelashes (required to be worn by older dancers only)


Please see the costume list for all accessories, etc. needed for the performance!

  • ALL costumes and accessories for dress rehearsal and recital
  • Appropriate color tights for each costume and extras are suggested in case of accidental damage
  • Hair and make-up should be done prior to arriving at the theatre the day of the recital. Extra hair accessories (bobby pins, elastics, nets and hair spay) and make-up (lipstick and blush) are suggested to keep the hair and make-up looking fresh during the recital.
  • Dancer’s name should be on or inside ALL belongings.

Remember To...

  • Pick up pre-ordered tickets prior to the show. Any tickets not picked up will be available at the box office the day of the shows.
  • Register for weekly summer, summer intensive and fall classes
  • Order your copy of the recital DVD. The DVD order form is available at the studio, or on online. Checks should be made payable to Bedford Dance Center.
  • It’s traditional to congratulate your dancer on a job well done with flowers. Pre-order flowers to present to your dancer after the show.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your children this year. Please make this performance an afternoon to remember. Please be prepared, on time, and PERFORMANCE READY!