BDC’s curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of any dancer, whether you aspire to train pre-professionally, or are looking to dance for the enjoyment. Classes are designed to develop a strong technical base and knowledge, as well as promoting artistic expression offering both a challenge and a joy. Students enrolled at BDC will have the opportunity to perform in our annual Festival of Dance in June.

Pre-Ballet / Dance Explorers Program With Dancely

Our Pre-Ballet/Dance Explorers program is perfect for dancers ages 3-5.  This class introduces basic ballet/dance terminology in a joyful and age appropriate way.  The syllabus focuses on motor skill development, coordination, balance, flexibility, strengthening, listenening and rhythm skills.  All taught with an imagination, inspiring and storytelling through creative movement.

We are thrilled to announce that we are now an officially licensed Dancely Studio!

Dancely is our brand new program dedicated to our favorite little ones, aged 3-6 years old, to get them moving, shaking, and most importantly, having fun!

But Dancely is not just any old preschool program.

Dancely features…

Original Music That Little Ones Love!

Dancely features original music from the award winning songwriters at Disney, Netflix and Marvel — Powerhouses among preschoolers in their own right!

We’ve included songs for all styles that kids love dancing to and parents love listening to. And every few months, we’ll introduce even MORE new original music.

Original Choreography

Dancely features original choreography that make kids jump for joy with delight and excitement. Your little ones are going to have so much fun moving, bouncing, and shaking with us!

We’re so excited to see your little ones experience the magic of dance!  Your kids will have a blast!

Fundamentals Program

The Fundamentals Program at BDC is designed for the beginner-intermediate level student. The curriculum introduces the dancers to correct body placement, dance terminology, basic positions and concepts of movement. This program is perfect for dancers, ages 5 and up, focusing on the basic principles of dance technique while allowing the student to learn with enjoyment. Beginning Ballet Levels 1 and 2 also utilize the Dancely program.

Classes available in the Fundamentals Program include Ballet Technique, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop,Tap and Acro Dance. We are proud to be an Acrobatic Arts certified school.

Intensive Division Program

The Intensive Division (ID) is designed for the serious student with aspirations of pre-professional training. This program is graduated and has a required curriculum which is arranged by level. The curriculum includes ballet, and at the appropriate age pointe, as well as enrichment classes in modern and jazz technique. Additional enrichment classes available include Hip Hop, Tap and Acro. Dancers must be at least 7 years old to be enrolled in this program.

The IDP syllabus is designed to properly prepare the serious student in a logical and safe progression of skills. Once a student is able to demonstrate more solid technique and balance — usually around age 12 to 13, a beginning Pointe class is offered. Although each dancer is different, most students require 2 years to successfully complete the skills presented at each level.

Students enrolled in the Intensive Division are permitted and encouraged to audition for BDC’s annual production of The Nutcracker Suite as well as our performing company — Bedford Dance Center Ensemble.

A student’s attendance in the required classes is of utmost importance to his/her training. This program is for the serious dancer and consistent attendance is mandatory.