2024/2025 Season Schedule

For ease of use, we are posting our Season Schedule in different formats.  Below you will find the schedule broken down into the different styles of dance we offer.

While we try to keep the schedule fairly similar from season to season we do anticipate making some adjustments as the studio grows.

Level Breakdown

  • Pre-Professional Division — (ID)
  • Advanced — (Adv)
  • Intermediate — (Int)
  • Fundatmental Division — (Beg)
  • Beginner — (Beg)
  • Preschool Program — (Pre-Ballet)


  • Zachary Betty-Neagle (ZBN)
  • Maria Bradbury (MB)
  • Ashley Carrier  (AC)
  • Audrey Dascomb (AD)
  • Mrs. Audrey Dascomb (AD1)
  • Karen Pariseau (KP)
  • Amanda Scalingi (AS)
  • Melissa Texiera — (MT)

Pre-Professional Division Class Requirements

  • Two ballet
  • Two pointe (if applicable)
  • Modern
  • Jazz

Optional Enrichment Class for the Pre-Professional Division

  • Acro
  • Hip Hop
  • Tap

Complete Class Schedule


Ballet / Pointe

Contemporary / Jazz

Hip Hop