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Who Are We?

We are Bedford’s Premiere School of Dance offering classes in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap and acro.  Founded by Karen Pariseau, our studios feature full length mirrors, floating sprung floors, air conditioning, caring professionally trained faculty, free-wifi, entertaining, stress-free recitals, our annual production of the “Nutcracker Suite” and extra performance opportunities.  We are the proud home of our youth performing group the Bedford Dance Center Repertory Ensemble.  Come see why thousands of parents have chosen Bedford Dance Center to educate their children since 1994!


As a dance teacher of over 36 years and a former dance studio owner, my family needed to find a dance studio similiar to mine after I closed my business. We needed a studio that was family-friendly, NOT involved in competitions, and focused on technique (with some fun mixed in at times). The studio culture, upon walking in the door at Bedford Dance Center, was welcoming, warm, and inviting. Even though we started mid-year, every dancer in that first class approached my son and daughter and introduced themselves, as did the faculty. The students, families, and faculty are very kind. The teachers are always prepared for class and genuinely want people to learn and grow. The director is organized and shares information frequently to keep families informed. She, also, brings a lot of humor to her classes and has great expectations for her dancers. As a dance teacher, my standards are high. I want a quality dance studio with a solid foundation, performance opportunities, and NO competitive vibe among the dancers. After having looked at many dance studios, we are lucky to have found Bedford Dance Center.

Audry Dascomb

Parent, Former Studio Owner

Bedford Dance Center has been a second home to my daughter, Ella, who is now 13. She has danced at BDC for the past decade, training in various genres such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, modern, contemporary, and pointe. While she has learned many dance skills under the direction of several amazing teachers at BDC, she has also been taught the importance of team work, commitment and perseverance while focusing on technique instead of competition. Her instructors are devoted to helping her throughout her dance journey — both inside and outside of the studio, and both on and off stage.

Kim Houghton


I have had the joy of choreographing and teaching master classes for the Bedford Dance Repertory Ensemble/Dance Center and have found these dancers supportive of each other, carry a willingness to learn, take direction and apply it to the best of their ability. I feel this is representative of the artistic environment created by Ms. Pariseau, Director/Owner, and the faculty at BDC. She has designed a creative and learning atmosphere that cares for the student. One that provides performance outlets, challenges technique with positivity and encourages imagination.
As a choreographer, educator, and Artistic Director of my own Dance Company in NYC, I understand the complexities of finding the balance of bringing together a multitude of personalities that share a variety of experiences, passions, and values. I strongly feel that Ms. Pariseau has succeeded in building that for young artists looking to discover dance for the first time to the pre-professional dancer looking to make dance a larger part of their future ambitions.

Joyce King

Choreographer, Educator/ Artistic Director, JKing Dance Company -

At the age of 2 my daughter would dance around the house like there was no tomorrow. Once she turned 3, we began our search for a studio that offered a great beginning foundation with ballet and did not overwhelm their students with split classes at such a young age. In our search we happen to find Bedford Dance Center. After speaking with the Director/Owner, Karen Pariseau, we felt we had found the right place for our daughter to beginning her journey. My daughter found a passion for dance at BDC and never waivered wanting to play a sport, or take in another after school activity. As she began to get older we began adding additional dance genres such as jazz, modern, tap, hip hop and eventually pointe. With the encouragement and solid teaching she received from all of the instructors, she grew into a fine disciplined young dancer and lady, who looked at BDC as her second home. After graduating from high school, she spent her first year dancing for a small ballet company; and then decided to come home and pursue her degree to teach dance. Even though she has graduated from both high school and college, she still returns frequently to take classes to help keep her technique strong and stay in shape.

I have also had the honor and pleasure for the past 20+ years for me to serve as a Costume Designer and Seamstress for Bedford Dance Center.

Lesley Klem

Parent and BDC Costume Mistress

I have been a guest teacher several times at Bedford Dance Center. Always a pleasure to work with these talented dancers. Well- disciplined students in a warm and inviting studio atmosphere.

Judith Koeckhoven

Master ballet teacher, consultant and former owner of director of The Academy of Ballet Arts

As Karen’s first dance teacher, I’ve watched her grow from a gifted young student into an excellent teacher and choreographer. She imparts not only a love of dance, but also the importance of technique, discipline, and hard work. Proof of this can be seen in the numerous festivals and events her dancers have been chosen to perform in. She has also had the honor of having her dancers perform in New York City with JKing Dance Company and at Disney Springs located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Karen’s dancers are privileged to have such a caring, dedicated, hard-working, talented and remarkable teacher. I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments and dedication to her students. Bravo! Well done!

Suzanne Taylor Michaud

Former Instructor

I am sure that the last 3 months have been beyond challenging for the director and staff. It has certainly been challenging for my family. But I want to say that in a few specific ways, some good has come out all of this. My youngest daughter has, for the first time, been forced to learn her routines cold, because she could no longer rely on eyeing her classmates for cues. After a struggle with getting Zoom to work on our devices, both of my daughters completely took over responsibility for learning, disappearing into their designated spaces every day at the appointed time. When it was determined that BDC would have a virtual recital, my daughters decided how they would film each other and/or themselves without any assistance. My husband and I didn’t know this until we tried to nail down the logistics and were told, “We’ve got it covered, the teachers explained everything VERY CLEARLY.” And they did. Even though it took hours over the next few days, many takes, including a complete redo because someone’s head was accidentally cut off without realizing. In this process I think my oldest in particular, really came to know herself better, to be okay with herself, and to take Karen seriously when she said JUST DO THE BEST YOU CAN DO, was the goal.

I know other studios around the country had to cancel their end of year recital, and I give full kudos to the staff for finding an alternative so that our dancers could celebrate the culmination of everyone’s efforts. Thank you so much for the amazing effort put forth this year. I can only imagine the sacrifices made to make this possible.

Melinda Chen


As a parent of a dancer, I have nothing but appreciation and admiration for the dance education and experience that my daughter is receiving at Bedford Dance Center. She started her dance journey at a young age and continues to grow not only in her technique and artistry, but her overall self- confidence as well. The environment at BDC is energetic, fun and supportive and dancers learn from an experienced and knowledgeable faculty who care about the whole dancer. They inspire dancers to do their very best whether in class or on the stage. Karen Pariseau and the Bedford Dance Center faculty share their passion for dance and bring the joy and love of dance to their students. It really is a gift.

Danielle Longo


First of all, a huge hat’s off to you and your team of instructors for your ability to pivot on a moment’s notice and continue to deliver high quality instruction during these last challenging months. I am so grateful to all of you for continuing to bring joy to my daughter’s days and giving her something fun to focus on while also retaining a sense of normalcy and stability in her schedule. And even more incredible that you are going to be able to pull off a virtual recital. We can’t wait. So thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thank you again for everything

Amy Harl


Bedford Dance Center is a true gift to dancers! The talent and passion of the staff and the supportive environment Is the perfect place for dancers to grow and flourish. My daughter has been a student at Bedford Dance Center for 11 years and I sincerely cannot imagine a better place for her to spend her time. We are proud to be a part of the Bedford Dance Center community.

Molly Hill


Thank you for helping raise my daughter. I know a part of the awesome
person she has become is because of the lessons of perseverance and
determination that she learned at BDC!

Nicole Clegg


My daughter has been dancing with Bedford Dance Center since 2011. She has been doing ballet consistently, as well as having had the opportunity to try out Modern and Jazz. The teachers are amazing and make a place in the world of dance for students of varying levels of dance talent. She has loved the regular season classes as well as the various summer programs that are offered. Through BDC she has learned so much more than just dance. The ways in which the teachers interact with the students, as well as the way the students interact with each other, teach teamwork and perseverance.

Kim Soucy