Regular Session Classes

Tuition is due the first DAY of each month. Tuition is not charged by the class. It is prorated for an entire 39-week session and broken down into 10 equal monthly installments (September – June).

The following is a breakdown of Bedford Dance Center’s monthly class tuition:

Class LengthTuition Rate Per Month
45 minutes$59.00
1 hour$63.00
1-1/4 hours$68.25
1-1/2 hours$72.00
1-3/4 Hours$74.00
Dance Pass - unlimited classes (Does not include Ensemble)$315.00
Workshops/Adult ProgramAssociated FeesClass Length
Trainging Workshops$80.00/8-weeks ($10.00 class)1-Hour
Adult Program$120.00/8 weeks ($15.00/class)1-Hour

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available upon request. Private lesson rates are listed below. Please call the Bedford Dance Center office for schedule of availability.

Registration fee and first month’s tuition is due upon registration.

Class LengthSession Rate

Late Payment/Returned Check/Declined Credit Card Policy

A $25 fee will be charged for any returned check or declined credit card.

Accounts deliquent more than 45 days will be assessed a $25 late charge. This charge will be applied every thirty days the account is past due.

Consistent delinquent payments or student accounts that are over 90 days past due will not be permitted to participate in classes, auditions or performances until the account has been paid in full. This includes late fees, NSF charges, damage charges, tuition and costume fees. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact Karen Pariseau at the Bedford Dance Center office. We do not want to deny any child an opportunity to dance if a viable solution is available.

Accounts with a balance from any previous season(s) needs to be paid in full before dancers can begin classes for the regular or summer sessions. As always please be sure to contact us if there are circumstances we need to be aware of or to set up a payment schedule.