The BDC Ensemble is designed for serious dancers who are looking for professional training and unique performance opportunities. Since its inception, the Ensemble has been revered for its professional quality work for youth dancers, and invited to perform at shows across the country. Performances included the NYC Dance Arts Festival, Harvard Square Mayfair, Southern Vermont Dance Festival, Disney, Philedelphia Arts Festival and more.

Participation in the Ensemble is open to all Bedford Dance Center students who meet the audition requirements. Participation requires a full year’s commitment (September through June) from both the student and families with additional optional opportunities in the summer months. Dancers interested in joining the Ensemble must audition and be selected. Auditions are held annually.

Becoming an Ensemble Member

Dancers should sign up for the audition in advance. Additional information regarding scheduling and guidelines will be made available prior to the audition. Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate significant potential along with financial need.

Audition Requirements

  • ID Level 3 Ballet or higher

  • Students must also be enrolled in a weekly modern class
  • Though it is not required, we highly recommend classes in additional techniques such as jazz, hip hop and tap which offer additional skills and techniques necessary to keep up with versatile choreography.

Dancers will be cast for large and small groups, as well as solo/duet feature roles. Understudies and alternates will be cast as well, and offer a great learning opportunity to all dancers.

A student’s attendance to the required classes is of utmost importance to his/her training. It is not conducive with our philosophy to participate in this program when lack of attendance is habitual. Students who do not attend their minimum required classes on a regular basis will not be permitted to perform with the Ensemble. Likewise, dancers who frequently miss weekly rehearsals may be required to forfeit their spot within the Ensemble.

Occasionally, dancers may be invited by the Director or choreographer to join the Ensemble without attending an audition.


Weekly company class will take place Fridays between 3:40pm – 5:10pm (Senior Division) and 5:25pm – 6:55pm (Junior Division) and will run September through June as a weekly class. Occasionally, additional weekend rehearsals may be necessary, and will be scheduled in advance.


Performances are spread throughout the year, including possible shows in the summer months. Participation is encouraged for all shows, though we understand that some shows may not be possible for all performers. In this situation, dancers will be cast alternates and understudies. We require all dancers to commit to the performance schedule ahead of time so we can cast alternates appropriately. Not all dancers will perform at every event. A full calendar of anticipated events and details on the events will be provided at the audition and after the callbacks. Performance castings will happen throughout the year.