Spellbound Earrings Order Form

Bedford Dance Center’s 30th Anniversary Festival of Dance is called “Spellbound” a compilation of some of the most memorable music from all the Harry Potter Movies.  We have created a few styles of earrings featuring the Hogwartz House Colors (Red/Gold — Gryffindor, Green/Silver — Slytherin, Blue/Bronze — Ravenclaw, Yellow/Black — Hufflepuff), and/or charms/beads representing props or scenes of note from the movies such an owl, dragon, star, crystal ball, envelope, feather, wolf, keys, etc. All proceeds from the sale of a pair of earrings will be donated to the BDC Scholarship Fund which is given to one or two deserving students at the end of the Festival of Dance each year.

These are custom made hand beaded earrings, or just charms.  Samples are available in the studio office with pricing for the pair.  The earring colors and charms are based on the availability of supplies.  We also have a few pairs of the charm earrings that are one –of-a-kind (what is in stock is the last of what was available).

Prices may vary based on availability of supplies.  Please choose from the options below: